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Royal Cure Medical Tourism is The best Medical Insurance in UAE All medical, surgical, cosmetic and veterinary services

UAE Medical Tourism

Royal Cure

Recently, the United Arab Emirates has witnessed a remarkable increase in the number of foreign tourists who prefer to receive treatment there, and according to official data, these numbers are expected to increase dramatically by the year 2020. We are working hard to support this increase and do our best to contribute to achieving the vision of the ruler's Emirates in the development of health services and medical tourism.

Inter National Medical Tourism

Royal Cure

Royal Cure is the first company in the UAE to specialize in medical tourism on a national as well as international level. Royal Cure has associated itself with international and local conventions and covenants, with the best medical centers and hospitals which include highly talented surgeons. At Royal Cure, we aim to serve the public and provide access to the best healthcare services at more affordable prices.

Patient Services
Patients in the Middle East and Europe continue to seek distinguished treatment abroad on a growing basis. They often encounter many obstacles such as language, local culture, transportation, and methods of treatment in foreign communities that prevent them from making the desired healthcare journey. Royal Cure offers the solution to full and comprehensive care for these patients, providing distinguished services in all treatments and pathological, health, and rehabilitative cases visitors may need during their trip. This means visitors in the country of treatment can get their treatment done as soon as possible and with the least trouble and effort at lower than the actual cost.

Our services in brief
We are keen to offer many unique services thanks to the international medical network and the special relationship with the best hospitals, specialized clinics, and convalescent centers that provide the highest level of services at affordable prices. We are the liaison between the patient and the hospital, and through Royal Cure, patients are able to avail of the following services:

  • Regular, general and urgent medical consultations
  • Choosing the appropriate place and doctor for treatment according to the case
  • Organizing the treatment plan. Reception service to our patients/clients and their escorts at the airport in luxurious cars and providing drivers who can communicate in various languages
  • Providing our patients and their families with renowned Arabian hospitality (in some countries)
  • Providing ambulance service
  • Providing the right place to stay upon request
  • Regular and immediate translation services when needed
  • Car rental service
  • Variety of convalescence trips and tours
  • Recreation trips for elderly people
  • Providing care and services for celebrities and VIPs with providing personal security
  • Providing special care and services for women
  • Providing care and services for people with special needs
  • Providing collective services for companies
  • Follow up after treatment
  • 24-hour access to physicians by phone

Need Help

Royal Cure Medical Tourism

If you are looking for treatment and would like us to assist you with choosing your medical center and helping with any of the arrangements that you need during your stay, please fill out the form below and we will revert to you with a Cost Estimate accordingly.