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Most government health insurance programs in most Arab countries do not cover the costs of treating a broad, however medical finance works on providing the same treatment within the country if possible. Therefore, a lot of people seeking treatment have to travel for a medical tour at their own expense, even though sometimes exceptions to this rule are decided by the government.

These decisions are not usually accompanied by the freedom of choosing the country or the hospital where you would like to have treatment. This is due to a fixed prior contract with the government between the country and the hospital. The institutions and companies are currently in a growing trend in private health insurance. In addition, individuals are increasing the use of private insurance companies and some companies may provide treatment options abroad for some subscription packages.

Whatever the method is chosen by the patients to support or finance their treatments, there are a number of preliminary considerations that they should put in their account. Most expenditure will serve as costs for the hospital or doctors, but there are a number of other factors that you must give extra attention to, and that Royal Cure organizes for stakeholders which include:

  • Passport cost, including visa and any other required documents
  • Flights costs
  • Transportation costs to and from the airport upon arrival and departure
  • Costs of moving from hotel to the location that you will receive the treatment in, and vice versa
  • Accommodation costs in the country of treatment
  • Costs of food and drink
  • International calls and other means of homeland communication
  • Medicines and medical supplies
  • Cost of care during the post-treatment period (recovery period)
  • Insurance  services

Expenditure or funding options available to travelers for treatment


There are several choices available to those who are willing to travel abroad for treatment. Some of these options are:

  • Using credit cards: the costs of some medical procedures fall within the financial limits available to personal credit cards
  • Obtaining a personal loan:  many banks and financial institutions  have become one of the valid reasons to apply for a personal loan
  • Financial support from family and friends: regardless of the financial situation of the patient, one can always rely on family and friends in time of need
  • Benefiting from funding programs that may be offered by some mediators or medical tourism agencies
  • Benefiting from fundraising events donations: some friends or family members or others can share in your social network to pay small amounts until reaching the desired amount
  • Real estate mortgage operations: This must be the last untapped options, and should not be used except in cases of serious life-threatening medical cases
  • Selling some personal assets to provide the necessary liquidity: in serious cases, health precedes money in the list of priorities

Funding through healthcare tourism mediators


We as partners and agents for healthcare tourism in the country will help facilitate the funding process necessary for those willing to travel for treatment. Royal Cure provides funding programs to help patients to provide the liquidity necessary for a medical journey they need and we strive to provide various programs that vary in funding size according to treatment or surgery needed by the patient. We also seek to provide these programs at the lowest possible banking interests, and our payment method and our company’s approved banks adopt lower interest rates for this type of funding.

Companies and banks specialized in medical funding


The expansion of healthcare tourism has led to the search for companies that are specialized in medical funding, covering some of what is not covered by health insurance companies in the form of loans or deferred payments. Some loans may even cover some cosmetic procedures. There are also certain banks and financial institutions that have decided to enter the field early to provide treatment services and low interest rate loans, for example, “ the treatment benefit” offered by local banks in the UAE, and there are many programs and companies that constantly appear in the country, so we search for new institutions and find what suits you, as many people deem it an appropriate solution in the current time

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